In the beginning, Katja Fuchs, the Founder, had a keen desire and interest to use animals to support her trainings. After doing extensive research and making a decision to move forward, Katja became certified as an animal-supported trainer and quickly began to expand her professional experience around the horse. As a Certified Horse-Sense coach, for horse supported seminars, she focused on the areas of personal/professional development (due to her extensive background in HR development and development of leadership coaching).

Katja is supported by Sven Schinke, who is an expert in Animal Facilities Management and also a classically trained blacksmith. With Sven’s assistance, Katja began to offer animal-supported trainings in her stable near Saint Veit, Austria. As positive word spread, Katja was asked by other training experts if she could train the trainer, and due to this increased interest within Europe, a new curriculum was born.

Katja quickly recognized that there was a benefit to have a larger team that would expand the competencies of the program. Thus, Ulrike Wöhlert joined as an expert for Coaching and Communication.

Over time, as the team has expanded in Europe, we have also begun working with dogs, donkeys and cows, in addition to horses. However, the focus always remains on the people.

We are excited to announce our expansion into the Americas, under Natalie Longhini’s leadership. Natalie is centrally located in Boulder, Colorado, USA.