Improve the team through animal interaction

Animals very clearly open our eyes in team situations because they directly reflect behaviors that are displayed to them by the team. Our animal co-coaches easily detect confidence, competence and other positive qualities within a team which may have gone unnoticed.

Here’s what to expect:

Solve challenges in joint human-animal teams. This includes identifying and assigning necessary roles on the team and to identify how the performance of the team could be improved.

We will help you discover team talents and resources and how to best leverage everyone’s skills to benefit the team.

This focus workshop is best for:
  • People working in teams that need to deliver results
  • People who want to optimize processes and team structures
  • People who lead teams of any size

With the training partners (horse or other animals) discover how your team responds to various situations and how changes will positively impact your team.

  • Length of training is min. 1.5 days
  • Individual or small group workshop
  • Venue: Boulder, CO (other locations upon request)
  • Sessions and costs are arranged upon request