A horse coaches differently…

How animal-supported learning works

For many years, we wanted to understand exactly how animal-supported training worked and how animals could assist the learning process as co-consultants, coaches and providers of feedback. Thus, we set out to become experts in this unique coaching technique. Over many years, our team has gained a variety of skills and knowledge that enables us to be a leader in these coaching methods and we are a dedicated team of both humans and animals where we always work within the human-animal-human philosophy. Which means that we use animals to reinforce our sessions, but the focus remains on the human.

In our experience, we have observed that animals are not simply nice companions, but also act to diminish inhibition thresholds with humans. Without those inhibitions, we are able to honestly observe ourselves with animals as a mirror. It is becoming increasingly common to see animals aiding workers in challenging situations and supporting important work with and for those persons. This work is called animal-supported learning and it is the core of our business.